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Engraved Wooden Dog Tag - Northern lights Glow In The Dark

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Please leave the following in the Note section before adding to the cart 
1. Name of your dog's name (max 10 letters) 
2. Max 30 letters for back of tag OR one URL

Handmade from scratch. Each piece is carefully stained and coated to keep the wood alive for a long time. The pine tree design is engraved. 

- Front of tag : up to 10 letters. White font colour.
- Back of tag : up to 30 letters or with a QR code. We can insert any URL, including a social account or website. 

- Water resistant
- Light weight. Each piece weighs about 5 to 10g (Each piece is different)
- Quiet and no smell compared to those made with metal
- Size: about 1.5" (Each piece is different)
- Wood used: mainly walnut and maple tree
- Choice of split ring or S-Biner with an extra charge