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BOX 3: Stargazing with Studio Zorya & North Tail Collab Gift Box

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Available for only 72 hours beginning Thursday, November 2 at 5 p.m. EST.

BOX 3 - Starter set: A set of a tag and a slip collar + stickers


    What is included?

    • - Studio Zorya hand-painted deer antler tags (your choice of designs: Shooting Stars or Lunar Moth)
    • - North Tail handmade rope Slip Collar with 9mm Stargazer rope
    • - Glitter Stickers by Studio Zorya and North Tail
      - A slip collar will come with a fixed D-ring. 
      - Tag size : S is around 1”, M is 1 1/4-1.5”, L is up to 1.75” and XL is up to 2-2.5”. Please keep in mind every antler tag is unique in shape and weight. 

      Shipping Info

      All the items will be shipped together in a box. If you are located in Canada or US, it will arrive before Dec 22nd, 2023. For international shipping, we will try our best to make it before Dec 22nd but it is not guaranteed.