Who we are


 A Passion for Quality, Durability, and Safety

At North Tail Inc., we are more than just a dog accessory business. We are a labor of love, born out of a deep passion for crafting the highest quality and most durable gear to keep our four-legged companions safe during their adventures.

Rooted in a Small Town in South Ontario

Our journey begins in a small, picturesque town in South Ontario. Surrounded by forests and endless opportunities for outdoor escapades, our location is a constant source of inspiration. We understand the unique bond between dogs and their owners in our community, and it drives our commitment to provide the best gear possible.

Craftsmanship with Heart

North Tail Inc. is more than just a business; it's an extension of who we are. Crafting durable, adventure-ready dog gear isn't just a job—it's our passion. As the founder, I'm not only a dedicated dog mom but also a mom to a little human. This dual role has deepened my love for dogs and a desire to keep them safe during our shared adventures.

The Inspiration Behind North Tail

When I started this journey, it was born out of necessity. I couldn't find local businesses offering the quality gear I sought for my dog, especially given our adventurous lifestyle. My furry companion is a spirited puller, and the fear of using subpar leashes and collars inspired me to create North Tail Inc. I wanted a solution that was both safe and durable.

Eco-Conscious from Day One

We believe in making a positive impact on the environment. Unlike many small businesses that adopt eco-friendly practices after establishing themselves, we've embraced sustainability from the very beginning. As a nature lover, it was important to me to tread lightly on our planet. Right from the start, we've been using eco-friendly packaging options, reducing our plastic footprint, and opting for nearly plastic-free packages. While we have a few recycled, reusable plastic mailers left, we're committed to continuously reducing our environmental impact.

Join the North Tail Community

At North Tail Inc., we invite you to be a part of our community of dog lovers who share our commitment to quality, durability, and the great outdoors. Connect with us as we strive to make every adventure memorable, safe, and eco-friendly.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. We look forward to sharing many more adventures and successes with you and your furry companions.